Honey Pepper Bacon - 12 pcs

If you’re new to bacon, this sampler size will suit your novice palatte. Pre-cooked, vacuum-sealed, and promptly mailed wherever you eat your bacon. Don’t let the calories worry you. It’s less than the double- or triple-dozen size order. 

Honey Pepper Bacon - 24 pcs

This double-dozen order fits nicely in the center of the breakfast table where the eggs wished they could be. Pre-cooked, vacuum-sealed, and expeditiously mailed to your home, the children will bolt from their beds to feast on this perfect combo of carbs, protein, and fat.

Honey Pepper Bacon - 36 pcs

Triple the love with a feast-size serving of pork belly goodness! Perfect for any party or peaceful protest. Pre-cooked, vacuum-sealed, and and thrown from a moving vehicle to your front porch! This is a week’s supply of pork belly, so pace yourself. NOTE: you won’t find this on the food pyramid.

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